Getting Involved

Andrew Lewis has many extracurricular activities for students. This year, there are lots of new clubs at ALMS that you should be sure to check out. Some of these clubs include the Harry Potter Club, the Kindness Club, the Poetry Club, and the Book Club. There are also some clubs that you may not have been aware of such as SCA, the Chess Club, Club Life Tech, Girls Who Code and FCA. If you are an eighth grader taking French or German then there are clubs for that as well.

The Poetry Club is run by Mieko Ramirez. Mieko came up with the idea for the Poetry Club when she came to middle school and she felt like the teachers did not cover poetry much in class. She did not think she could handle being in charge of a club but she is doing a great job! The meetings are held every Friday from 8:05-8:25 a.m in the Library. The Poetry Club writes and studies various forms of poetry as well as exploring different poets. Mieko is an eighth-grader, therefore, she will not be at Andrew Lewis next year. She hopes that the club will continue on without her and that they will eventually participate in poetry competitions. To join Poetry Club you just come to a meeting and participate in the discussions. Currently, Mieko is the head of the Poetry Club but she hopes someone can take her place eventually. Mieko wants people to know that poetry is not “cheesy” and you don’t have to be super talented to create something. She wants students to be able to find themselves and their voice through words. Mieko heavily stressed that she wants younger students to join. She says that clubs are so much fun and that students should explore all their options.

Recently, Miss Walton has started the Kindness Club which meets every Wednesday from 8:00-8:25 a.m. The mission of the club is to spread kindness. The club will go on several field trips throughout the community such as the food pantry and Family Promise. They are also going to hold a fundraiser to raise money for families in our community during the holidays. There are currently no student leadership positions in the Kindness Club but there may be at some point.   As far as the future of the club goes, it is hoped that the club will continue to grow and prosper and be made up of nice young people who want to make a difference in the world. A take away from this club is that it does not take much to be kind and it can really make someone’s day.

Another interesting club at Lewis is Library Helpers. Library Helpers meets the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 8:00-8:20 a.m. This club helps with taking care of the library and special projects that are happening in the library. Mrs. Mabry hopes that students continue to be interested in helping out. You can join this club by simply coming to the meetings. Mrs. Mabry hopes that she can instill a love of reading and libraries into the students who participate in this club. Library Helpers is open to any and all students who want to take advantage of it.

As interesting as the new clubs at Andrew Lewis are, there are many longstanding clubs as well.  Some of these clubs include the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) where students meet every Friday from 7:50-8:20 a.m. in Mrs. Gerrol’s room. You do not need to be an athlete to attend. The  Student Council Association (SCA)  is run by Ms. Tobasco and meets every Tuesday from 8:00-8:20 a.m. If you are taking French or German then there are clubs for that too! Be sure to tell your teacher that you are interested in joining these clubs. These are just several of the clubs at our school! Others include Girls Who Code, Club Life Tech, Math Counts and more.

Joining clubs and becoming involved in extracurricular activities is a great thing. Luckily, Lewis has lots of clubs and activities to become involved in. Everyone may not be aware of all the new opportunities this year but all of these clubs are great and anyone would enjoy doing them,  so get involved! Spread the word and tell your friends about all the amazing activities our school has to offer.