Math Counts Competes


The Math Counts Team

Isaac Perez-Benitez, Contributor

Saturday, February 8th, 2020 The Math Counts Team went to Liberty University and competed in a mathematical tournament against ten other schools. We did not win, but we sure had lots of fun.

Math Counts is a club here at Andrew Lewis hosted by yours truly, Mr. Dunham, a six-grade math teacher. It consists of many different mathematical skills such as learning strategies, how to solve tricky problems, and overall just having a great time. We understand how hard math can be for some, so Math Counts can also be your math tutor. We also take breaks from math at least once after our competition just for fun.

At 7:45 AM, the Math Counts team got up early and went to school to get ready for the official Math Counts competition held at Liberty University. While not all club members made it in the team, we had lots of fun competing against other schools, doing tik toks on the bus, and cracking jokes every once in a while. We all loved working with each other and putting our heads together to solve tough problems as a team. We represented Andrew Lewis Middle School with pride, honor, and full respect to the professors and members of the Math Counts competition. Because we are WOLVERINES.

The Math Counts competition consists of four main rounds. The first one being the Sprint round. The Sprint round consists of 30 questions and 40 minutes to solve them. Each student works individually on these problems. Then there is the Target round. The Target round consists of four sets of problems, each containing two questions. Each student has six minutes to complete one set. After that, Dalton Johann, Kaylee Christley, Blanca Elias, and Isaac Perrez-Benitez all participated in the Team round. In the Team round these students had to work together to answer 10 questions in 20 minutes. Then after lunch, the top ten students had to compete in the countdown round. The Countdown Round is a head-to-head tournament to crown an overall winner. However, our Dalton Johann finished in 11th place. Just one spot away from this round!

Our team did not win the competition; however, we did pretty well working together and learning new methods to help us improve. Dalton Johann was 11th place in the competition and will now compete for the state competition on March 14, 2020. The state competition will take place in Richmond. Congratulations to Dalton Johann! We wish you good luck!

Although we did not win, we all loved participating in the Andrew Lewis Math Counts team. Blanca said, “It was a great experience, and I loved the spinny chairs.” She also mentioned the competition is slightly hard and fun at the same time. On the other hand, Kaylee Christley said she loved the spinny chairs too, but found the competition quite easy. Someone mentioned it being a good idea for more people to join the Math Counts Team here at Andrew Lewis.

Overall, we loved participating in the Math Counts competition. We hope we can do better next year and that more and more people can start joining our club. Thank you all for participating in this year’s Math Counts 2020 competition. We hope to see you next year.