Caleb’s Closet


Oh, man!  I just split my pants!  What am I going to do?

Geez, I just spilled a red slushy down the front of my shirt at lunch.  What am I going to do?

It’s freezing out and I can’t find my coat!  What can I do but wear a ton of shirts to keep warm?

Well, you all are in luck!  Caleb’s Closet to the rescue!  Right here at school, next to the library is a room that is stocked full of clothes of all kinds and sizes.  There are coats, vests, jackets, pants, shirts, shoes, sweaters, and a whole lot more.  So, if you find yourself in need of something – for whatever the reason – go see Mrs. Loving in the Guidance office and she will get you all set up with whatever you need.  Caleb’s Closet to the rescue!