Bus Behavior

When you get on your bus, do you notice others around you disrupting the driver, or are you disrupting the driver yourself? Does your bus driver have to yell over you and your classmates to get your attention? Do you stand around, hanging out with your friends instead of doing what you were told, and boarding your bus? These are some questions that you should ask yourself and answer truthfully. Our assistant principal, Mr.Coe has a few opinions he shared with me on the bus behavior at ALMS and his ideas to fix it.

I asked Mr.Coe how he thinks the bus behavior stands at ALMS, here is his response…

“Overall, most all of the students who ride the bus behave in an appropriate manner. If someone is not behaving the schools rules while on a bus, please help out by telling your bus driver, officer goodman, or a principal. I asked how much the average bus driver is paid and Mr.Coe states that “Bus drivers are not paid enough for the job they do.”

Some of Mr.Coes expectations for students riding the bus is to always follow the bus driver’s personal rules. For example, if your bus driver specifically tells you to sit down, you don’t stand up. He also says to always be polite and respectful by saying and doing simple things like saying thank you, or not leaving your trash on the bus. Mr.Coe also says “If you are causing a disruption on the bus you are distracting the driver and you are putting everyone’s safety at risk-those on the bus and those driving or walking down the street.” 

Here are Mr.Coes top three unwanted behaviors while you are riding the bus.

  1. Students standing up and moving around while the bus is in motion
  2. Being loud/screaming
  3. Students putting their hands on each other

If your bus driver reports you performing any of the following behaviors you may suffer from any of these consequences.

  1. Bus suspension- Losing the opportunity to ride the bus resulting in your parents being your main source of transportation taking you to and from school.
  2. ISD- In school detention
  3. An out of school suspension


Mr.Coe says “I think that we should always be working to improve our behavior on the bus.” So always remember to keep your hands to yourself, don’t disrupt your bus driver, and behave appropriately while on the bus.