Marvin’s Impressive Shoes


Marvin Fields is a seventh grader here at ALMS. You may have noticed seeing him walk down the halls that his shoes are very rare, cool, and he wears a different pair almost every day! We decided to do an article about all of his amazing shoes. 

Marvin has about seventy pairs of shoes, yes seventy pairs! Marvin and his parents both buy his shoes, so it’s not just him. His shoe collection started when he was in first or second grade when his Aunt Tiffany got him a pair of red and white Jordans. These don’t fit anymore but they started his collection and love of shoes.

His favorite pair of shoes are the Why Not 0.2’s that he got for his birthday. The reason that these are his favorite is because they have his grandma’s name on them. He loves his shoes so much he even has some named! One example name is Green Bean! He says that pretty much everyone in his family loves shoes. He even took some from his uncle once when he was a kid! 

You might be wondering, where does he keep 70 pairs of shoes!? Well, it’s actually more simple than you think. He just keeps them on a large shoe rack in his house! Marvin does plan to continue his collection. Next, he would like to add the Nike Air Max 95 and 97’s to his shoe collection. His favorite brand of shoes is Jordans because they are comfortable and look good. To conclude, Marvin has a lot of shoes and continues to keep adding to his crazy collection!