Jobs for Middle Schoolers

Do you enjoy doing things with your friends over the summer? Well where will you get the money to do these fun things? With your parents at work and nothing to do, you have an opportunity to make a little extra cash! Today we are gonna be talking about jobs that middle schoolers can have during the summer, because we need a little money from time to time too. If you are interested in this topic, you can check out the podcast that goes along with this on The Lewis Growl!


The first job we are going to discuss is babysitting! Babysitting is a really fun job to do during summer especially, because a lot of parents are scrambling around to find a person to watch their kids since they won’t be at school all day anymore, so this gives a lot of opportunities for you to babysit. While a lot of parents are desperate for a babysitter and that may bring business, parents are also looking for someone trustworthy and reliable. So it might help if you try to babysit kids that you know personally or kids in your neighborhood. Then the parents won’t have to worry about their kids because they know who is watching them. This is also great because you will already know the people you are going to be watching so you will have an easier time creating a bond with them, and your parents won’t have to worry about you either because they will know whose kids you’re watching. Plus, since you can’t drive yet you will be able to just walk to the person’s house. 


To kind of go along with that, the next thing we’ll be talking about is pet sitting! Pet sitting is a great option if you want a more laid back job, or if you want to make plans while you’re on the job. Pet sitting is a better alternative to babysitting if you want an easier job that doesn’t require as much energy as babysitting does. It’s also pretty fun to just hang out with people’s pets all day, because it’s a lot less stressful than babysitting since you don’t have to worry about an actual child, just a pet!


Next I will be talking about trying to land a job with a small business! This is a great option especially if you have friends or your parents have friends that own a small business near you. Then they can teach you all about the work field and how to run a business at a young age. This can be a lot of fun because you will be able to learn a lot and make a bunch of new friends while you’re having fun working. Plus depending on what small business you decide to apply for, you may really enjoy working and enhancing your skills! This is one of my favorite options too because this is a more professional job to have as a 13/14 year old, and it can be really fun!


The last job I will be talking about, and that is my personal favorite, is doing a bake sale or a lemonade stand or anything like that. I think this is the most fun job to do because you get to bake or cook food or drinks to give to people, and this would be really fun to do with a friend or something cool to invite your friends to! This is also a fun thing to do if you are doing another job that we’ve already talked about like babysitting or pet sitting, because this is a really interactive activity and the kids that you are watching would most likely enjoy this very much! As someone who enjoys cooking, I think this also can help you learn about cooking and baking alot and you can experiment with all sorts of different ingredients! 


Those were just a few of the jobs that us middle schoolers can apply for and learn more about! Again, if you enjoyed this article, we will have a podcast to go along with this exact topic on The Lewis Growl! Thank you for reading!