Preparing for SOLs

A lot of people get really stressed out over SOL’s so here are a couple different ways to help you not feel stressed and prepare you for the test.


1.) You want to try to plan things so you are not stressed in the morning. Preparing your book bag,outfit, and lunch the night before will put less stress on you so you have time to get ready and eat a good breakfast. 

2.) Wear something comfortable like sweatpants and a t-shirt or hoodie because you are going to be sitting for a couple hours so you want to be as comfortable as possible. If you don’t want to wear a hoodie at least bring one with you. Sometimes classrooms can be a little cold.

3.) Do not wait until one day before the test to start studying. You don’t want to try to stay up studying all night. That will only work against you. Studying in 15-20 minute sessions will help. You don’t want to try to study in one long session. It will make it hard to actually remember everything. Studying in smaller sessions will help you remember and put less stress on you. Studying one topic at a time is normally the best option because your brain is not jumping from topic to topic. Studying with a partner can also help. But only study with someone who will actually try to help you and not distract you.  While studying make sure you’re in a comfortable, quiet area so you don’t have any distractions. 

4.) Actually do the practice tests, assignments, and homework that your teachers assign in class. They are normally not fun but they can show you the areas you may need extra help in or areas you need to study more. Quizzing yourself on the topics is also a good option.

5.) Have a schedule to follow. Going to bed at a good time so you wake up and are not still tired can help. If you wake up 20 minutes before you have to leave then you are most likely not going to be awake by the time you get to school. Set an alarm or two and get up a little bit earlier than normal. So by the time you’re at school you’ll be awake and ready to take the test.

6.) While you’re taking the test, if you come to a problem you’re not sure about, skip it and come back to it. Sometimes you need to take a break and revisit the question later. It can help you see the problem differently and you do not want to get to frustrated over one question. Or if you get tired, going to the bathroom can help wake you up.


So don’t let yourself get worked up over big tests. They are important but as long as you try your very best that’s what matters.