Room Makeovers

Have you ever wanted to clean your room, but you weren’t sure how to? What if you have too many things? Your room is your resting place, so it is important for it to be the way that will help you be the most relaxed while also being productive. 

Cleaning is one of the most important things to do when it comes to making a room look good. For a total room makeover you want to clear everything out. Decide what you need and what to give or throw away. Then separate them however you like. Make sure that you don’t clear everything out on an impulse otherwise it can lead to an even messier room. You want it to be planned. 

Another thing you should be planning is where everything will be going. Taking measurements can be especially helpful if you are rearranging furniture. You want to make sure that your plan will work before you actually start moving it all. You can take a blank sheet of paper, and draw out the way you would want your room to look from the top view. Later on you can go back and fix the shapes and measurements. Now that you know where to put your furniture, you need a place to put your things in an orderly fashion. Put the items you use a lot forward and in easy access locations. You can save all the rarely used items for the back. Also think about eye-level. Keeping your most used items at eye level is a good idea. You won’t have to crouch down or stand on your tip-toes every time you need it. To achieve a minimalist look you can attach shelves directly to the wall.

After you’ve gotten everything organized, you can start working on the aesthetic. One of the easiest ways to make a room look nice is to choose a theme. You can pick certain colors, places, or goals/dreams. Make sure you have a balance between your theme and reality though. If your theme is purple, don’t make everything in the room purple. You can make most of it white with purple accents or the other way around. Don’t be afraid to add little bursts of color in the room. Remember to not go overboard with decorations because you do need places to put your things as well. 

If you want room ideas you can do a quick web search. You can find lots of room makeovers on Youtube. This can help you think of ideas and steps to organize. You can also find ways to make your makeovers cheap. Repurposing and building your own furniture can help save a lot of money.

Organizing your rooms is a process that most people can’t finish in one day. You can break it up into manageable chunks. One of the biggest problems faced while organizing is losing motivation. Don’t stretch out the project into weeks or months because the longer you take the less motivated you’ll be. Keep powering through and happy organizing!