Summer Outfit Inspiration

Are you interested in summer outfits but have no inspiration? Well here are some options for you to consider. These outfits include everything you can wear from fancy dinner to just laying around at your house. These are just cute clothes in my opinion for every occasion wear. If you are interested in this, you can listen to a podcast on this exact topic if you are more interested in listening than reading. Anyways let’s just dive in! 


To start, I’ll dive into regular outfits to chill in on standard days. If you are planning to lay around, sweatpants are a great option. I know that if it’s hot they might not be as great but sweatpants go great with anything. Whether you want to pair it with a tee-shirt or a crop top it’ll look great. Another option is athletic shorts. They look great with oversized tee shirts. There is every color you can think of in athletic shorts, making them a great option. So overall a great chilling outfit consists of an oversized tee-shirt and sweatpants or shorts and throw some Nike socks with it and boom you have a great chilling outfit. 


Next, if you want to go out with friends here are some options. If you are wanting to dress up but also have it casual here is an option. So you can start the outfit with a pair of ripped jeans or leggings.   With both of these you can easily dress them up to look even cuter. If you have a cute crop top it would look great. The best part about jeans and leggings is that they match everything.  So adding a crop will give it a nicer look and you can even add an oversized tee-shirt. You can do anything you can even throw a flannel over a tee shirt to add spice. Even if it’s hot a flannel can give you some warmth from the wind and usually they are light and flowy. You could always just wear shorts and a tee-shirt to go out to just keep it casual.  


Then, if you’re planning to go out to a fancy dinner these are some contenders. Flowy mini skirts are a big trend right now and I see why. They are so cute they have different patterns and colors. You can style them with a plain black or white shirt. Making it a really cute option for a fancy dinner with friends or family. Patterned dresses and plain dresses are always cute too. You can go with a flowy floral dress or even a plain tiger dress with a small jacket over top. You can also go for a jumper. Wearing a nice romper with a jean jacket is another cute option. This is a more dressed-down outfit if you are looking for something like that.  


In addition to these outfits, you’re going to need shoes to go with them. One big trend right now is Converse. Plain black and white Converse go with anything and look good with any outfit you want to wear them with. Nike blazers can also pair with almost anything matching perfectly with brighter outfits. Jordans are super cool as well depending on colors it might be harder to match them with something, but they are great options.  Crocs can also go with a more chill outfit to just throw something on.  Birkenstocks also are something you can throw on if you are looking for something cute. 


Overall these are some outfits you can consider. These are just some suggestions but I added things for every type of style. These are just suggestions, but I hope it helps. If you are also interested in more outfit inspiration I didn’t cover you can always check out Pinterest for more ideas. If you enjoyed this again there is a podcast on it too. If you are interested in more podcasts or videos you can check them out on this website. There is probably something else you’ll be interested in!