Transition to High School

     Eighth Grade to ninth grade can be scary, exciting, new, and much more.  When you first entered middle school it looked very different from the elementary school you attended.  High school will look different from middle school, as well.  You will experience so many  new and diverse things in your first few weeks there.

     Sometime at the end of August just before the new school year begins, you will have the opportunity to attend an orientation session at the high school.  This  orientation will be  similar to  the orientation  you went to for middle school.  You will have a tour guide to show you around and talk to you about  the school.  You will learn how to find your classes, learn about the teacher’s expectations and what you will experience during each class.  Maybe while you are on your  tour you will meet some new people that could turn into friends for the new school  year.  It is always nice to make new friends and a fresh start.  Once you get around the school and make new friends I’m sure you will have a blast in high school!

     Class expectations will definitely be higher because you are GOING to HIGH SCHOOL!  You are evolving  and maturing.  High school is going to prepare you for college and for  life.  During  registration we found out  there are a lot more expectations for high school.  When you get to high school you need to be prepared for the school  year because the teachers are going to expect you to be there ready to learn and work hard, be on time, and ready to go.  Some of the expectations are the same for middle school and  high school, you should always  follow the rules.  Teachers  will expect more of you in high school, but it is your responsibility to make sure you are organized and on time.

     Lastly, in the summer you should prepare for the new school and year.  Get familiar with your class schedule and  any supplies you will need for each class.  During your first  year of high school, you’re going to have to be even more prepared for the unexpected.  You will be able to participate in all types of activities such as  sports, technology, band, choir, art, languages, keyboarding, forensics, clubs like CyberPatriot or Chess or Random Acts of Kindness, etc.

     Now it’s time to have fun this summer!  Maybe you are going on vacation with your family or going to an amusement park with friends.  You might be staying in town and hanging out with friends at the pool or going to the movies.  However, you should spend your summer doing the things you love, enjoy every minute and have as much fun as possible.  

     Look at this next step in your life as an exciting new adventure.  So much to learn is headed your way!  Enjoy your summer vacation and get ready for the new school year. 

Good luck soon-to-be ninth graders. Go Spartans!!