Student Spotlight


Ryan Anderson is a member of The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC).

Spotlight students are some of the students at ALMS that have special talents but they don’t get very much recognition for their talents. Some students are just now picking up these talents or they have been doing these for many years. These talents could be shown outside of school, in school, or all the time! These students were recommended by teachers that know about their talents but some other students may not know and the teacher wanted to shine some light on their talents!


Emma Watson-Dance and Flexibility


      Emma’s talent is being flexible and dancing. She has been like this since she was a year old. She chose this talent because she is really good at it and thinks it is cool. She practices her talent every day. She sees herself being a dancer or a famous gymnast.




Wilbur Hall-Art


      Wilbur has been doing art for around 7 years now, though the first 2-3 years weren’t with much enthusiasm, as was only 7-8 when they first started truly drawing.

 Wilbur wants people to know that art isn’t something only people who are ‘artists’ can do. Anybody can make art! It isn’t one-size-fits-all, everybody has different styles and mediums. You don’t have to be good at drawing a person, place, or object to be an artist, you just need to be having fun.

Wilbur’s favorite thing about art is that you can be so expressive with it, you can form a thought into reality! You have the power and outlet to give an idea life, and you can be so creative and show others in pride, Hey, I made this! 

They chose to “pursue” art because Wilbur loves to draw, paint and create the way they can with art, it’s a creative outlet they can use when they have something words just can’t describe.

They draw anywhere from a piece of art every day to a piece of art every other week, it fluctuates based on how easily ideas or motivation come to them on the day.

They can see possibly making a ‘side hustle’ with art, along with my current career choice, but if I were to pursue art as a job, or path in the future, they would likely be a graphic novel artist (or anything relating to that), or some form of animator.


Mckenna Davenport-Cooking


      Mckenna’s talent is cooking. She has been cooking for about five years now. She has started a business with her cooking. Her favorite part of cooking is being able to make things that some people can’t. She chose her talent because her mom and sister quite often cook and she wanted to be a part of their cooking. She cooks at least once a week if not more. In the future she sees herself opening a bakery or a restaurant.


Morghann Sowers-Dance


     Morghann has been dancing for 12 years. Her favorite part about dance is that they are all a family. She started dancing when she turned 2 and her mom asked her if she wanted to dance and she said yes and she has done it ever since. She practices at the studio 5 days a week, but practices at home all the time. Morghann really wants to teach dance classes in the future. Dance competitions can be anywhere from a couple of years ago. Nationals were at Myrtle beach and people usually competed about 4 times a month. 


Juliet Johnson-Reading


      Juliet says “Typically I enjoy reading dystopian or sci-fi books, but I enjoy any genre, including non-fiction.” Juliet hasn’t been reading for very long at all. During elementary school, they barely read unless forced to by teachers. Juliet started reading more books in 6th grade and hasn’t stopped since. Even if reading is your main interest, it can help you find more interests too! Sometimes if you’re having trouble with motivation or finding hobbies, reading can be a great way to find ideas. Juliet loves how it’s a way to gain perspective on things you otherwise wouldn’t. Reading lets you learn about so many interesting things. A book can be very time-consuming, but it’s very rewarding in the end. Juliet started reading because their brother recommended a book to them. After reading it, he recommended another book, and Juliet continued to read his recommendations. Since then, reading has just stuck to them. In the future, Juliet hopes to read as many books as possible, and maybe even write a book one day. 


Laken Hyler-Art and Drawing


      Laken’s talent is drawing. Laken has been able to do this for about 3-5 years. Laken can do it freehand. Laken says “It’s relaxing and calming.” Laken chose this talent because it’s something they enjoy very much. Laken draws almost every day. Laken sees themself in the future probably doing it as a full-time job.


Saheisha Cherichel-Reading

     Saheisha likes to read realistic fiction, fantasy, and dystopian novels. She started to enjoy reading around 1st grade. Her favorite part about reading is when you get immersed in a story it’s kind of like watching a movie or tv show. You can relate to characters and understand how they feel. She thinks of reading as the same as watching different shows. If the summary seems interesting she’ll read it, it is also easier to read in class than watch a movie. In the future, she’d like to have a larger book collection.


Angeline Odupelu-Origami


      Angeline has been learning Origami since she was 5 years old. Turning Paper into animals and objects might not seem special, but it is quite rewarding to know that it can be accomplished. Angeline’s favorite thing about origami is the aftermath. seeing a square piece of paper turn into a butterfly or bird with a few folds makes her smile. Origami also made her a perfectionist. Her sister’s friend made her an origami crane and Angeline accidentally destroyed it, so she woke up early and watched a tutorial on how to make one and she has been making them since. She doesn’t technically practice, she usually makes them when she is bored and watches videos on new ones so she can perfect them. She thinks in the future she probably will still do origami, if she has time. She sees origami as a coincidental hobby she picked up due to the right circumstances


Ryan Anderson-Sea Cadets

      The program Ryan is in is called the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC). Ryan has been in the program for about a year. “It has been an amazing experience, even though sometimes it can be challenging,” Ryan says. He decided to join because people on his dad’s side of the family are veterans. 

     His paternal grandfather, Pops, was in the U.S. Navy during World War 2. Five of his aunts and uncles were all in the military. One went to the Air Force and then retired from the U.S. Army with 23 years of service. Another uncle served 16 years in the Army. One of his uncles and two of his aunts all served in the U.S. Navy. Ryan appreciates every military service, but he likes the U.S. Navy because it gives honor to his Pops. The Sea Cadets really teach people about discipline, a sense of commitment, teamwork, and also pride in themselves and others. 

     Sea Cadets are young men and women aged from 13-18. They are supported by the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard. The Cadets train on different bases and other military installations. Ryan’s favorite part about the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is that after you go to Recruit Training (RT), you can go to different Advanced Trainings like SEALs, Robotics, SCUBA, Submarine Training, Field Operations, Space Camp, and many more.

     Ryan chose to spend time with the USNSCC because he wanted to honor his grandfather and it seemed fun to step out of his comfort zone and try new things, and he’s so glad he did.  In the future, after he ages out of the program, Ryan wants to join the Navy and be a Medic.


Mei Winslow-Dance

      Mei has been dancing for 11 years now. Mei wants people to know “Dance is NOT at all like dance moms! We’re really nice and it’s really fun! Mrs.Elizabeth (my dance teacher) is really understanding!” Mei likes when they start to learn the choreography and then they get to see it all come together! Mei’s mom made her sign up but Mei says that it’s all fun now! Mei practices every Tuesday at 4:30- 7:00, every Thursday at 5:45-8:45, and every Sunday at 1:00-2:30!

     Mei thinks that in the future she will wanna dance for a while. Maybe take a break to focus on studies but dance is her passion! Only the team does not have normal classes. You have to try out for the team. Mei does the competitions! She thinks it is really scary to be honest but it’s fun once you get the hang of it. “It’s really fulfilling to watch the other dancers dance.” Mei got to Myrtle Beach!