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Have you ever worn shoes out to a place and someone came you said,“I used to have a pair of those when I was a kid.” That is because a lot of the trends from the 90’s are coming back.Shoes are not the only fashion statement coming back from the 90’s.Items like Converse, Birkenstocks, girls crop tops, ankle socks, crazy hairstyles, and so many more are apart of the comeback.

Are these styles so popular now? Obviously got the inspiration from the 90’s, but why not the 80’s or the 70’s? Is it because the 90’s was the the end of the century or was it because we just simply thought that those clothes were cool.  These trends were definitely not as popular in the early 2000’s. Towards the end of 2016 these trends started back up again. Was it because stores started to sell these things as a risk and there customers were interested or was it a famous person experimenting,trying something new. I guess we will never know how these famous trends started back up again.

There are so many hairstyles that are very similar to the 90’s hairstyles that are popular now. Especially women are bringing back these hairstyles in their everyday lives. For example, the high ponytail; this hairstyle: is super popular now, and it was very popular then. A half ponytail is also coming back. You see this hairstyle all the time, on the streets with friends, or you might even wear it. Crimped hair is everywhere you look. The trends coming back so strong, and it might be even more popular now. Hair dye is a very trendy thing. All the wacky colors with the creative hairstyles just looks amazing, and was super popular in the 90’s. We all express our hair in many different ways, but when you really look at it, it looks like we are just coping a generation.

Ankle socks are coming back! Most of these socks are called Nike socks, and people usually wear them with tennis shoes or any athletic shoe. Nike is not the only brand that is producing these socks, a lot of sports companies are making them. Ankle socks were a super comfortable item that you wore on a casual day in the 90’s, now it is pretty much the same concept. Also crop tops have been very big right now, they were a super popular trend in the 90’s, and now you will likely see them everywhere you go.

Birkenstocks are super comfortable shoe that are really popular now; if you don’t already know what they are. Birks were a super comfortable house shoe that you might have seen in the 90’s, now you will see them everywhere in all different colors or different styles. Have you ever seen them with socks?  Socks and sandals are not a bad thing anymore. When it gets too cold outside people wear birks with fun, crazy socks. Who would think that something so unusual could look so good? In the 90’s, these were worn to more casual events. Every now and then you would see them, but not as often as you do now.

Has any adult came up to you, and said, “ I used to have a pair of those when i was younger.” Were those shoes converse? If so you’re not alone. Converse were one of the most popular shoe then and now. In the 90’s converse were more of a tennis shoe than a nicer shoe, like they are now.  You might find these shoes as a high top or a low top shoe, and you can find them in a variety of colors. The most popular colors are white, black, grey, and maroon. In the 90’s,converse wee more popular with males. It tends to me more of a female shoe. Isn’t crazy that w are not the first generation to go through the “converse phase.”

These trends are just some of the many trends that have died and came back. It is so crazy how many styles and trends there used to be that have made a come back. It is almost like we ran out of fashion idea, so we copied a generation. If you really look at it, fashion is not the only thing that has made a come back, maybe we really did copy a generation.

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