Why Recycling is Important

Tozer, Jessica CTR DMA-Fort Meade

Tozer, Jessica CTR DMA-Fort Meade

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When it comes to preserving the environment many people don’t contribute much. Our habitat is becoming more and more dirty and many environmental scientists are worried. Constant trash disposal has become common habit for most people. Did you know that citizens of America throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour? Plastic takes years to disintegrate and our landfills are filling up. A lot of people here at school don’t even think before contributing to the destruction of our world. The conflict of keeping our world clean is growing and we are responsible. My opinion is more people should get involved. Why not recycle?

Today the world’s pollution level is rising at a high rate. Our landfills are filling up due to non degrading materials like plastics. There is no safe way left to solve this problem except for being more environmentally conscious. People throughout the world work extremely hard to clean up waste and everytime you throw non degrading materials away or litter you are undoing their job. Wherever you are think of what you are throwing away. Think of ways you can do better.

Other than saving our world, recycling has other benefits. Recycling provides more jobs than waste energy plants and landfills. It is much better for our economy. Recycling is a 200 billion dollar business. It even saves energy and stops harmful gases from spreading more. It also saves tons of energy. A ton of plastic conserves 5,774 Kilowatts per hour. Recycling just makes more sense.

What would happen if nobody recycled? Our world would fill with waste and become a nasty pile of trash. Landfills would run out of space and our oceans would become even more polluted with garbage. Animals and plants would die out in the future due to climate change caused by greenhouse gases. We would  become extremely low on natural resources and energy and our economy would no longer benefit. Our earth is what keeps us alive and we must take care of it by taking responsibility.

Here is how you can help: You can repurpose materials in you every day life at home. Most trash can be reused, just save your materials and they will most likely come in handy. Instead of throwing away peels, cardboard, and tea bags you can make them into compost. Compost aids to lower greenhouse gases which are formed when we burn fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases are also produced when trash is buried, making it loose oxygen, and it releases methane. When methane is released in the air, it warms the atmosphere which is harmful to our planet and us. You can take your recycled items to local recycling plants.

Visiting local recycling management places can be hard sometimes, causing people to refrain from helping our environment. We need to figure out more convenient ways of recycling disposal.Many places, such as Alexandria, offer every homeowner a recycling bin along with their garbage bin. Places with that service tend to get more citizens recycling. I think that if Salem offered that service we could be much more environmentally friendly. When people are more encouraged and have access to recycling they tend to contribute to the cause. Kids in the lunchroom go through tons of plastics, papers, and metals that should be recycled. We could help solve this dilemma by providing a recycling can in cafeterias instead of so many trash cans. Everyone recycling just one aluminium can is equal to taking 6,750 cars off the road. A little bit from everyone is a great way to begin. How do you think we can improve the environment at school?

You may not think you are helping much by recycling your goods, but a little less trash from everyone makes a big difference. There are so many benefits of recycling that affect us all. Taking a minute to pick up your trash or recycle it when it’s available isn’t that difficult. It is our world too and we need to contribute positively to the environment. We are responsible for keeping Earth healthy. If our school got more involved with proper waste disposal it would spread better environmental habits throughout Salem. Recycling is important to us all, so why not try it?

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Why Recycling is Important