What’s Coffee and How Does It Give You Energy?

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Have you ever walked into Starbucks or one of our coffee shops in Virginia or somewhere else? Or have you made your own coffee at your house?  Most likely is that you have walked into a coffee place and ordered coffee or made it yourself. Haven’t you been wondering why you get so energetic when you drink coffee? Well keep reading and you’ll find out why and how you get so hyper when you drink coffee.

1821 was when coffee was invented. Coffee Was discovered in Ethiopia. Ethiopians found out what coffee was when animals were eating shrubs which are coffee and then they would get energy so they thought maybe that we could get energy to from drinking coffee instead of eating shrubs. Coffee increases your metabolic rate and Increases your physical and mental energy. Caffeine or coffee leads to you being tired or extremely hyper. The amount of coffee you consume is very important you don’t want to take in too much. Coffee isn’t to healthy for you either.

Coffee trees can go more than thirty feet. Coffee plants can live for one hundred years. The average coffee tree can produce ten pounds of coffee each year. The beans you brew are from a fruit known as the coffee cherry.

Coffee surprisingly can help you from diabetes type two. Scientists did a study where type two diabetics didn’t drink coffee one morning and their blood sugar was eight percent higher.

Coffee is more than just caffeine. There are a lot of ingredients in this drink. I am only going to name a few. But it also depends on what you put in your coffee or how you like it. The first thing obviously is caffeine and this is what gives you all of the energy.  The second ingredient is water, that’s an obvious one as well. The third thing is Ethylphenol. This Creates a tarlike, medicinal odor when you wake up. The fourth item is is Quinic acid, this gives coffee a sour flavor. The fifth ingredient is Dicaffeoylquinic acid. Another one of these long ingredients is Dimethyl disulfide. This is a product of roasting  the green coffee bean. The rest are Acetylmethylcarbinol, Putrescine, Trigonelline, and Niacin. These are all very big confusing words. Can you believe that what you and me drink?

Coffee is a good source of antioxidants. An antioxidant is a molecule that controls the oxidation of other molecules. Basically it’s good for you. Research says that most middle aged adults drink the most coffee. Young adults drink it less.

So after all this research it seems that coffee can affect you in a bad and a good way. Though the ingredients were long and confusing most of the foods and drinks you consume everyday are too.


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What’s Coffee and How Does It Give You Energy?