Best Places to Go Around Salem

     Today we are going to be talking about some of the best places to go. Everyone has a different opinion on where people like to go. Here are some of the best places to go in Salem,Va  and why. 

     The Trampoline Park is a very fun place to go to. It has so many fun things to do there you have the arcade games, the launching pad, the bumper cars and so much more. The trampoline park is good for kids and adults too, anyone can enjoy a fun time there. Many birthdays are celebrated there because kids love it so much and they really have a fun time there.

     Center In The Square is an amazing place to go. There are so many fun things to do and kids love it. They have cool things and good ways kids can learn in the real world. They have jobs and concerts you can do. The jobs are great for kids to do. If you want to have a fun experience, a day center in the square would be a great place to go. In the place when you walk in there is a candy store so you could let you, your siblings, or kids go and shop a little. They also have a cool fish tank and turtles. They have tablets to show you what fish are in there.

     Lake Spring Park is the best family activity to do together. You get to feed ducks bread and the best part about it is that the ducks will fly out of the gate and let you feed it. There are fishes in the lake too so don’t forget to give them some bread too. Lake Spring park is a good place to hangout with family and friends. It’s great to go out on a hot sunny day. At night it is very beautiful and has the most amazing refreshing lights.

     Bowling Alley is a chill place to go to. It has very cool bowling alleys when they turn off the lights. They have some really good snacks and they are for cheap. The best time to go is at night because it gets really fun and they turn off the lights and everything turns neon. The workers are really nice and they make sure you have a good time. Bowling is a very competitive thing to do with family. It’s really fun to compete against each other and see you win the most pins. The bowling alley is a comfortable place.

     Lucky Cat is an aesthetic place to go to during any time of the day. It has the best ice cream and boba they have really good macarons. They don’t just have sweets they also have food so you can dine in and have dinner and dessert. Lucky cat has really cool designs in there. You can have a peaceful work time and have a nice comfortable place to be and sit with friends and family.