Benefits from Staying Away from Technology

Technology exists everywhere. You see people walking around with phones in their hands, watching TV, and on laptops and consoles, but sometimes it becomes too much and can truly become an addiction.


There are many benefits from staying away from technology and ways it can benefit your health. About 62% of the world uses technology by texting, working at their jobs, going from place to place, listening to music, etc. That’s more than half of the world! Currently, right now there are about 6.65 billion people using smartphones or that have access to a smartphone. Studies show that using technology can really harm you mentally and physically in many things including sleep. One of those is how using technology can cause you to lack. Sleeping is necessary not just for the body but for the brain as well. You see, our brain needs rest in order to function properly and without enough sleep, you won’t be able to focus on simple tasks, and not getting enough sleep can put you in a bad mood.


The light that smartphones and other devices produce has a negative impact and it can block melatonin which can lead to not feeling tired and makes you want to use the phone and stay up late. Another reason it can impact you is by making you lazy by just sitting down for hours and being on the device instead of talking to people and socializing outside. Technology can make you lazy for just spending too much time viewing posts and updates from your friends and family, watching videos such as Tik Toks and YouTube. A way it can affect you mentally is having the feeling of missing out on the fun that others are posting on social media like for holidays, parties, and hanging out with friends. Another reason we should stay away from devices is they can make you depressed. That can lead you to not wanting to go outside and can make you nervous. Technology can affect your social skills. That can happen because you’re so used to texting online and not talking in person, face to face, which is no good. 


However, there are solutions to these problems caused by technology and how it can benefit you. First, if you stay away from social media and technology, it can give you more free time which you can use wisely to do something more productive than just sitting around doing nothing. It can let you have family time. It reduces your anxiety and you get a better sleep schedule without being disturbed by a notification or message from someone. Another positive thing about staying away from technology is you get to go outside and be active and play some sports and work out.

Jacob Noel says “I think that we could be a lot better if we stayed off devices more and got time to become social because this generation is so much different than it used to be, and it could change a lot in society.” 


You get vitamin D from the sun which is healthy for your body. You get to explore the outdoors and find out what’s new and what has changed outside and give your eyes a break from the device’s screen. You get to hear nature, birds, bugs, the air, and the wind, which is something everybody needs. You get to see landscapes and beautiful sunsets. Staying away from technology can benefit you educationally too. You have more time to study and get to know the subjects that you are learning and practicing. Lastly, you get to be more active when smartphones are not around. A lot of people are not always active which is really harmful for your health mentally and physically. It can increase the chances of you getting heart disease for not being active and can cause you to lack energy and can affect your mood.

 We rely on our smartphones, computers, tablets, and other technology. so much that sometimes some of us don’t realize that we need to take a break and give nature a chance and show us the beauties and wonders that await us outside our phone screens.