The Price of Survival

Living at home isn’t always easy. Lots of people go through many different difficult circumstances at home. There are many students here at ALMS who struggle with home life, past problems, PTSD, etc. Several kids were asked, “If you could describe your home life or family in just a few words how would you?” 90% of answers were “Broken” or “Difficult”. If you feel stuck or trapped in your family REACH OUT! In this article, I will discuss different living situations children are going through. 


  Starting off with the most common topic for most kids is divorce. Divorce is sometimes the number one situation that leads children to think they come from ‘broken’ families. Divorce may have long-term effects on children which may cause the development of anxiety and maybe even depression. Divorce causes major amounts of stress on both parents and children. Children may even feel they are entitled to choose sides in the situation. Before the divorce, children may have all of these feelings as well. The constant arguing and tension may lead a child to think a divorce may happen. Divorce mainly affects children after the first and second years. 


Another topic is abuse. This topic may be the most sensitive or touchy topic we talk about. Most kids in Andrew Lewis deal with abuse and may not even realize it. If you are experiencing these things they may be signs of abuse. 

Constantly being talked down to, could be mental abuse. If you have ever been slapped, kicked, punched, had things thrown at you, etc. repeatedly. You have been physically abused.    


One of the last topics I’ll talk about is absent relatives. Having an absent mother, father, or even siblings is not easy at all. Many people with absent relatives may feel that slight wave of jealousy when they see something happen. For example, bonding. Seeing someone bond with a relative you don’t have can be hard to witness. Growing up without somebody you need can be very difficult and cause the person to struggle to develop mentally the way most children would. What I mean is without having both parents present, the child does not get the attention or personal education they need to get, if both parents were present. 


The last topic I’ll talk about is just home life in general. Kaylie H. was asked, “How would you describe your home life in a few words?” She responded, “Difficult at times, but everyone goes through hard times and we get through eventually.” Many people, not even just children but adults too, struggle with home life and stability at times and it isn’t always easy getting over it or fixing the situation. There are many resources out in the world that are made and are there for a situation that may be yours or yours. It is very common to feel as though you are going through these types of situations with no solution and no one you can go to, but remember, you are not alone.



Feeling anxious or concerned you may be depressed? Visit this website here for help and information.


Are you or someone you know a victim or feel you are a victim of mental or physical abuse? Visit this website for help and information. OR call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)