A New Space Race

Taylor Bolen

  There are many things going on around us that cannot be seen.  Most people are also unaware and have never heard about these things.  For example, space.  It migh...  Read More »

November 9

New Tech

New Tech

November 7

     Some awesome new technology has been released recently, and there is more to look forward to.  A lot of big tech...  Read More »

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Virtual Reality in School

Hope Wimmer

    Virtual Reality is becoming integrated into our school. Mrs. Painter, an eighth-grade world geography teacher, has started to incorporate this technology into her classr...  Read More »

February 2

Childhood Lies

February 2

     Raising kids can be tough and many parents have used common myths to make it a little bit easier. Whether it be to ge...  Read More »

What Would You Bring to Mars?

November 9

     Lately, our scientists have been studying Mars and we are saying that a man is going to stand on the planet Mars. An...  Read More »

Secret Places of Salem

November 9

     Salem, Virginia is a small town and many people who aren’t in the southwest region of Virginia don’t know about ...  Read More »

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  • A Girl Among Guys

        When you think of wrestling, a girl is not normally the first thing that comes to mind. That didn’t stop ALMS seventh-grader, Daja Days, fr...

  • What’s Your Inspiration?

         Inspiration to you may be something really big in your life or it may just be something as small as a piece of sand on an island.  But the de...

  • Achievements

        Achievements are the things we do that we are proud of. Everyone has their own reason to be proud of themselves. We all set goals and when we se...

  • Student Spotlight

    Here at Andrew Lewis, we have principals for each grade level. The 6th-grade principal is Mr. Garst, 7th is Dr. Jones, and the 8th-grade principal is ...

  • Is PBIS Important to our School?

      Do you think Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, or P.B.I.S., is important to our school?  Most kids think adults are in a differ...

  • What is the Gifted Program?

         Our country provides many programs for students who would like to go beyond their comfort zone. Here in Salem, we have a few  programs as wel...

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