Beautiful Places Around Virginia

     Bored at home over the weekend? Finally tired of playing video games? Do you have the random urge to go out and explore? Do you want the perfect sunrise or sunset picture? Well, look no further, the answers to your questions are here! There are many beautiful places filled with nature and laughs of joy, across Virginia. You can travel across the state and find some of the treasures. Whether you just want to spend a day out, or the weekend, there are many options for you! The only choice to make is the place you want a little excursion to. 

     There are many options from historical sites to a fun day at the beach. Who wouldn’t love a fun day splashing around at the beach? Maybe you’re more into history, that’s great too, There are many historical places to see. Does a hike sound pleasing? Well, there are many places to go up a mountain or even across the Appalachian trail for a day! 

     Craving a beach day, but not a ton of hours of travel? Then these beaches are perfect for you! After doing research we found the best beaches to take a visit to. If you’re interested in a more touristy experience check out Virginia Beach. This beach has a couple of miles of the boardwalk on its border, perfect for a midday snack! You can also visit some of the aquariums located near the beach if you’d like to see some ocean animals. The area will be one of the more crowded beaches compared to others. A special beach here in Virginia is Colonial Beach. This beach is the second-longest public beach in Virginia! It’d be more of a beach where you can spread out and have more space for yourself and your family. Lastly, you can check out Buckroe Beach. This beach has a park around for extra fun! There are lifeguards on duty during all hours the beach is officially open. There are picnic shelters and a grill to cook and enjoy meals. There is also a fishing pier in case you are interested in fishing!  All these beaches have a different kind of vibe, each one would be enjoyable! 

     Interested in learning more about our state? Well, consider visiting these sites to learn a little more! Want to learn more about Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd president? Lucky for  you, because you can visit the late president’s home! Just outside Richmond is his old home! You can go and take tours. You learn more about the home life of the past president. If you love it a lot, you can even pick out a souvenir in the gift shop after you check out the property. Wondering about wars in Virginia? Fort Monroe is for you! This is an old war site, it has historical grounds and a fort. Around the property is a beautiful beach and tons of places to eat! You can take tours inside some of the older buildings and find out more. There are campgrounds on the island perfect for a weekend stay. Do you feel like you don’t know enough about the first settlement? Take a trip to Jamestown and learn everything there is to know! The first-ever settlement is here in Virginia. Don’t miss a trip to learn not just about Virginia, but about the nation too. You can go visit the site and see some of the old homes. There are tons of historical sites to see in Virginia, but don’t miss these!

     A perfect day outside and you just want to get out? Don’t worry there are tons of trails to walk or hike. From short to long there is one out there for you. Feeling a long hike? MacAfee Knob is 7.8 miles long. You hike up to the top and take pictures over the outlook. There is a lookout at the top, where you get beautiful views of valleys and mountains. Perfect for a sunrise or sunset photo to start the morning or end the night. Wanting a harder and semi-long hike then look into Dragon’s tooth trail. Here you spend 4.8 miles hiking up and it’s a relatively hard trail. You can also camp around and near the trail. Once you get to the top you have a beautiful lookout of open greenery, you can even stand on top of the dragon tooth for a photo! Want a different kind of trail, maybe with a waterfall? Stop hesitating and check out Cascade falls national trail! You take a 3.8 mile walk to visit a gorgeous waterfall at the end. It’s scenic everywhere around the property, and you’re all the way through. Lastly, you can check out the couple miles of the Appalachian Trail that runs through Virginia. You’ll meet tons of other people on your  journey. This would be a different experience from the other trails. I even asked one of your classmates where their favorite place in Virginia is. Ashley Toapanta says her favorite place to take a trip to is MacAfee Knob. She enjoys it because of the beautiful scenery and the quietness of nature. If you’re considering hiking, just go out and do it! 

     Overall, no matter what kind of mood you’re in, there is somewhere around our state for you! Don’t hesitate to go out and explore any place that sounds fun to you. Whether you want a beach day, a day learning, or a special day hiking there are options to choose from. Everything is different in its way, so maybe spend weekends doing everything, until you make sure you know what’s for you!