Dealing With Common Middle School Stressors

     Over 50% of middle school students are known to deal with stress. Stress can take form in multiple ways such as emotional, physical, and mental. Going back to school, upcoming tests, group projects, and deadlines are just a few of the stressors for students as stated by the University of St. Andrews. Advice for dealing with stress is not available for some students. Teaching young kids the meaning of stress and how to deal with it is an very important aspect.

     One of the most common and best ways to deal with the stress of deadlines is to create smaller goals to reach your big one. For example, if you have a paper due in two days it’s good to plan out the steps you need to take to complete the paper. The first step would be starting a rough draft and revising it and the next day typing it and giving it one good look over before submission. Other small tips include “finding motivation, taking small breaks along the way, and work in an organized relaxed environment” cited Indeed. 

      Tests can be one of the top stressors for students to deal with. It’s always a good idea to study the night before the test and do a quick glimpse of the notes the morning of the test. Try to revise information you struggle with throughout your day. Also, remember that you are not alone when you stress over a grade. If you still feel nervous before the test try telling your teacher about it. This can lower stress levels and let the teacher know where you stand so they can help.

     Coming back to school after 3 months of fun and enjoyment can cause a lot of anxiety. It is ordinary for students to not get sleep before the first day. If you find yourself also doing that try to wake up early the day before school. That way you will be tired the night before and won’t have trouble sleeping. As of the first day of school don’t worry about not having friends in your classes. Almost everyone is stressed so sooner or later everything will be in place and working well. 

     Group projects are a key part of schoolwork. Teachers give out group work throughout the year. These projects are dreaded  for students who like to work independently. If your that student, try to let your teacher know about  students you do not feel comfortable working with. If you find yourself doing all the work in the project be sure to let your peers know how you feel. There is never really a way to get out of a group project so might as well make the best of it.

     The most important thing to remember when you’re stressed out is that you are not alone. Many people fail to realize that they are not the only person with stress. Many seen that people, especially students, like to bottle up their stress. This can cause more stress if you don’t tell anyone. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or overworked, tell someone. Don’t leave it to yourself. Stress is normal and there is no reason to hide it or to not take action to help it. 

How do you deal with stress?

Maddie Johnson says that her best way to cope with stress is by prioritizing her time. She says that it helps her because she can dedicate time to her work.

Breshai Mills says his best way to deal with stress is by listening to music. He says that music helps him escape the reality of life yet also focuses when he needs to work.

Sophie Coleman says she deals with stress by putting everything aside and finishing her work. She says that when she finishes what is stressing her out it makes her feel better.